Huggalo the Juggalo
Huggalo the Juggalo

This used to have a disclaimer about how this blog had nothing to do with donuts, but as time has gone on more and more donuts have snuck in. How does this keep happening???
We'll have to up the security around this place either way.
Expect to see a lot more Homestuck and other stuff that I like. There still aren't all that many donuts here.

If I'm going to put a disclaimer about anything up here, it should be a warning that I am sort of dumb. Thanks for putting up with my nonsense.







grassy snuggles

I must find this grass and take a nap in it!! It looks like a fluffy ocean

real talk are you in whoville

real talk yes

What kind of grass is this?

Ah yes, eventually I will make all the trolls as tiny trolls made out of clay, but YOU!!1!! *points accusingly at gamzee makara* are going in a jar separate from the others so you can’t hurt anyone.

What if the animatroics would yodel instead of screeching

graceful creatures


here we are kids

it’s finally over

We're gonna have a problem bcuz I like you but GamTav is my notp.

Ah! Well thank you for liking me, first of all : >

But I don’t really mind it if you hate GamTav. It’s not for everyone. And if I’m going to be entirely honest I only started liking it because I rp Tav a lot and I just ended up meeting a lot of Gamzees and I fell in love with the pairing that way. 

I do tag most of my gamtav posts as gamtav, so if you’re looking for a tag to blacklist, that would probably be the best one to go with.

What pairing/s do you prefer? I’ll try and post some of it, if you’d like : D and I’ll tag it as well.

so hey,,, just wanted to let u know that ur a cUTIE PATOOTIE NO TAKE BACKSIES


aHHHHhHH!! Thank you ; w ;

If your otp is gamtav we're gonna have a problem here.

Why’re we having a problem?

Not to bother you, but can you do me a favor and draw some gamtav?


 a blast from the past 


foxy pls.


many tears were shed over this game..